how to grow a plant

by Anthony's Garden

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released October 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Anthony's Garden München, Germany

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Track Name: Killing Time
Killing Time

I've been trying to talk to you
But you know it's just like killing time
We both would claim the truth
But you know our love will be denied

While we sit and watch it die
This is killing, killing, killing time
There were days, we had joy we had fun,
That was then this is now and of us what has become
We just sit and watch it die
This is killing, killing, killing time

Oh what have we done
Witch turn we took was wrong
You tell me what we were hoping to find
While I was killing yours and you were killing mine

We got into a tug'o'war, but you know
We'll both be missing out
None of us will win anything acting like down and outs
While we sit and watch it die
This is killing, killing, killing time

There were days, we would laugh, we would cry
Now we both find it hard just to look into each others eyes

We just sit and watch it die
This is killing, killing, killing time
Yeah we sit and watch it die
This is killing, killing, killing time
Track Name: Live Before I Die
Live Before I Die

I said I'd never toke no more
I've said it all a hundred times before
But the insight doesn't make things right
When a colourful life is waiting outside
And the moment I'm there it is waving good-bye and I
Wanna live before I die

I said I'd never drink no more
I say it every night before I go
But a small creek becomes a river running deep
And it sparkles and shines down on the ground
It's a magical sound, want to jump, want to dive and I
Wanna live before I die

Am I running from the charge
The fear of getting lost
So before I judge where I'm coming from
I am still my fathers, still my mothers son

I thought I'd never love no more
I've thought it all a hundred times before
Track Name: Spider In Our Bed
Spider In Our Bed

What's inside us is ahead
There's a spider in our bed
When all you hear is something's wrong
And all you say is
I can live alone

I can see you as a child
Feeling so wrong while he's right
When it's all your fault that daddy won't come home
Then one way out is
I can live alone

I know you can and so can I
You know it's hard to get things right
You'll never know what it would be like
'Cause leaving now is keeping us from trying
Track Name: Dive Asia One
Dive Asia One

We'd have the time of our lives
That's what we thought
Soak up the sun
Being swayed by the ocean
On the Dive Asia One

We were on upper deck when
The stormfront came, the tocsin rang and everything
Happened so fast, we smelled the abstracted gas
Of the engine that broke down at last

We were like astronauts cut off from assembly
Drifting through the darkness of space
Leaving behind who could not make it in time
Like needles in a haystack that are never to find

Five hours later two sailboats passed by
We shouted and cried, we beckoned and tried so hard to
Call their attention
Agony rising inside
Track Name: Declare War On Me
Declare War On Me

To find something new
In your helpless and sticky days
I walked out on you
Give me relief
Punish me please

When I picked you up
You got used to be let down again
You would not complain
Spatter with mud
It runs in the blood

Declare war on me
I can not stand to feel your need
Make my tort be seen for all and
For running out on you
Please run me in

I can deal with rage
I can deal with you accusing me
I long to put this straight
Let justice prevail
And shove me in jail

I'm asking for war
But you don't fight at all
You don't impeach
Or pass sentence on me, oh please
Track Name: To My Father
To My Father

Father I wouldn't say you failed
In every way
But if I remember right
We never were that tight
In any way
When you held out your hand for peace and then
You hit me in the face
Father I wouldn't say
You failed in every way

Father I've got my own imperfections
But I won't accept your brand
Father I am no chump
And I'm not all thumbs
And you are not my friend

Father I wouldn't say
You screwed up everything
But if I remember right
You disregard a child
To raise your self-esteem
And so if I were you and I would have to look into
Those ruthless eyes tomorrow
I would be so ashamed
And take all the blame
Father I wouldn't say
You failed
Track Name: Torn Apart
Torn Apart

I saw Sarah Noni and Corwin
In the Rime the other day
They both were hot and they hit the spot
As soon as they hit the stage

How could there be more beauty
More spirit and more soul
Than a voice you feel underneath your skin
Keeps you from feeling small

And I've been torn apart

Made my way back home on commercial drive
All of a sudden realized what I had missed
Next time I will sit down at the black and whites
I will remember that moment of bliss

And I've been torn apart

So thank you Sarah, thank you Corwin
You reenforced the reconstruction

I've been torn apart
Power fail restart
Track Name: Who Are You
Who Are You

You're so used to appraise
And to save your face
But I want to know
What's your own point of view
Who are you?

Is there something you believe
Or just something to achieve
Do you settle an internal I.O.U.
Who are you?

Way back in childhood days
All your pursuit was play
You need no avatar
Cause you is what you are

I have heard that talk before
Will you offer me some more
Or will you go on to
Simmer that kind of stew
Who are you?

Besides the things you might confess
Carefully made up to impress
I want to know
Every nut, bolt and screw
Who are you?

There's beauty in your eyes
Growing tired of being disguised
You need no avatar
Cause you is what you are
Track Name: You Belong
You Belong

Hand in hand
This is how we stand
Against the wind

It will do no harm
In your mothers arms
You are lying in

You can close your eyes
We'll be here by your side

|:And on and on
Your dream may come
To find you here
And dry your tear

And on and on
You'll hear the drum
The world outside:|
1) Will turn on day or night
Night and day, day and night

2) Goes by and by

While you fall asleep
Let the melody
Be your company

And the moon and stars
Jupiter and mars
They will come and see

That newborn life
Like the time and the tides

And on and on
You're growing strong
With every beat of your heart

From the moment on
It has begun
The rivers run

And life goes on and on
And you know you belong
Track Name: It Was Not Us
It was not us

You beat us up
Like you'd gone mad
Your callow way
To help yourself

And to forget
Your young girls dreams
Of better days
You never had

It was not us
What held you up
It was abuse
And underneath

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